The On-Demand Education Marketplace (ODEM)

ODEM.IO is developing a first-of-its-kind global, decentralized education marketplace to deliver complete, end-to-end, custom, in-person education programs and experiences. On-Demand Education Marketplace will be powered by programs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence enables an interactive education market that can aggregate student demand for specific program subjects and market educators’ offerings, safely make conditional precommitments, as well as handle payments and disbursements when service criteria are met. These network efficiencies drive down the cost of education while adding a new level of automation and transparency to program creation.

With the ODEM platform, students may choose programs and store their transaction history on the blockchain. This format enables students to maintain a single record of their academic experiences and certifications, regardless of locale or educator. In addition to ODEM’s use of blockchain, the platform also allows for off-chain actions such as adding or searching for specific programs.

The ODEM Token, the platform’s currency, is unique. It acts as a software license, enabling students and academics immediate access to the platform. Tokens may be temporarily escrowed to gain discounts against fees and to prove membership within the community.

ODEM Brings Efficiency to Education

Why ODEM Now?

The ODEM platform is a collaboration tool to make education more affordable and accessible. The platform leverages blockchain technology to address four key issues.

  • 1Institutional lack of transparency complicates students’ evaluation and choices when committing to educational programs.
  • 2High cost of tuition, which is aggravated by multiple layers of resellers and intermediaries.
  • 3Top education resources are by nature exclusionary, siloed, and largely only available to the wealthy.
  • 4Educators are not properly incentivized to produce programs that meet changing consumer and business needs.

The net result is an overpriced education market with significant barriers for most students to overcome. Online educational alternatives provide easy access to a wide variety of program subjects, but fall short in learning effectiveness.

ODEM Education Program Generator

The ODEM Solution

ODEM is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that will provide a single, trusted, worldwide network that integrates all levels of the education supply chain. Blockchain technology forms the foundation of the ODEM platform and serves to link all the moving parts related to organizing, administering and sharing information about program offerings.

The platform’s Program Generator uses artificial intelligence to discover and match students and service providers based on pre-set requirements. Automation effectively removes costly intermediaries from the ecosystem. Students can select their desired programs and securely store proof of their educational experiences for future sharing.

ODEM’s Ethereum smart contracts ensure painless cross-border payments across all currencies and instill trust when managing international transactions. Identity and reputation are also carefully managed with public and private profiles so that students can see an educator’s full credentials and teaching history. Both students and educators are incentivized with ODEM Tokens to continually increase the quality of their program content.

ODEM Ecosystem

The Revolution

ODEM revolutionizes education by ensuring trust and transparency across every step of the education selection process:

  • 1Program material, cost, and location.

  • 2Identity and reputation of educator.
  • 3Service providers for translation or other services.
  • 4Smart contracts ensure payments are only made when terms and conditions are met.
  • 5Fast, low friction payments across currencies.
  • 6Easy platform interface for creating, listing, marketing and sharing educational programs.
  • 7ODEM Token rewards to expand user base and encourage adoption by new members.

The Near Future

ODEM.IO will partner with Excelorators Inc., an industry leader with six years as one of the premier providers of education services. Excelorators will provide ODEM with the key supply-chain resources including its existing developed client base and business services. This powerful partnership ensures ODEM.IO is immediately engaging buyers, and streamlining fulfillment and delivery of the custom educational programs within the ODEM marketplace.

ODEM.IO expects most early adopters will be in The People’s Republic of China, the largest consumer of US-based elite education in the world. From this base, ODEM.IO will expand quickly to other regions of the world.