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Why ODEM Now?

The Problem

Improving accessibility means addressing the challenges that students face in acquiring a great education. We recognize that overcoming obstacles is an important part of growing up. However, we also believe that creating a global marketplace can assist students in accessing many education options, customizing program selections, and managing the acquisition of student accommodation and transportation.

The Solution

Using the power of blockchain technology and its smart contract-based payment platform, ODEM will enable students and educators to interact directly and participate in the exchange of education and learning, without the involvement of intermediaries. Our goal is to make quality education more accessible and affordable to a broader audience.

The ODEM Difference

ODEM is not an online education platform. To address the inherent weaknesses of online learning, we combine a real-world classroom learning experience with the agility and flexibility of the best parts of online education.


The Power Behind ODEM

A Platform Built on Blockchain

The ODEM model will create an integrated platform where all types of students and student representatives can create and request services for education programs. Educators and educational service providers can receive requests for program fulfillment and delivery services all through a frictionless, smart contract-based payment gateway.


The ODEM Circle of Life

The ODEM Token

Cryptocurrency for Education’s New Age

ODEM is using blockchain technology and the ODEM Token (ODE) to reshape the global education industry. As students and educators come together on the platform, ODEM will radically improve the efficiency of organizing and delivering in-person educational experiences.

ODEM Wallet

Flexible and Secure

The ODEM Wallet allows educators, students, and service providers to seamlessly send, receive, and exchange ODEM Tokens for a variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat.
The ODEM Platform

Connecting Students and Educators Across Borders in the Real World

  • One-stop shopping for education products and services
  • Reduced customer costs through the removal of unnecessary intermediaries
  • Instant and frictionless cross-border payments using ODEM Tokens
  • Top quality and professionally curated educational content from Ivy League and beyond
  • Streamlined negotiation and resource fulfillment through the use of smart contracts
  • Guaranteed trust every step of the way with all points of negotiation and product delivery captured on the blockchain

Get in Touch with ODEM Team

The Team

The ODEM team was inspired by the success of U.S.-based Excelorators, a premier provider of education services to overseas students, executives and managers seeking exposure to America’s elite learning institutions and corporate campuses. On that foundation, ODEM is establishing a new industry standard of satisfaction by revolutionizing the quality and accessibility of high-impact educational experiences.

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Education & Advisory

Steve Jarding,
Harvard UniversityEducation and Leadership
Curriculum Adviser
Ingo Fiedler,
Hamburg UniversityBlockchain and Economic Adviser
Sven Beiker, PhD -
Silicon Valley Mobility & Stanford UniversityTechnology Adviser
Richard Wang,
DFJ Dragon FundStrategic Adviser

Advisory Council


Crowdsale Advisory
SICOS guides startups through the process of conceiving, planning, and implementing digital token sales. SICOS is primarily responsible for connecting startups with relevant partners for developing a token sale platform and drafting a workable business model. The SICOS team also has expertise in compiling token-sale whitepapers and other relevant communication documents. It also provides ongoing support to developers of blockchain-based business models.

Block Science

Blockchain Economics Advisory
BlockScience is a technology research and analytics firm specializing in the design and evaluation of decentralized economic systems. They are focused on economic networks being instantiated via blockchain and smart contract enabled applications.

Management Team

Richard MaaghulCEO
Bill BayrdChief Compliance Officer
Michael ZarghamChief Systems Engineer
Adel ElMessiryChief Technology Mentor
Johanna MaaghulChief Integrator
Alexa NarmaSenior Director of Product